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ICBC Telephone Banking, a showcase of banking services running under the modern communication, is an IVR (computer + phone + customer desk) based service system that allows users access 24 hours all-year-round. The service underlines many features as being multi-channel, personalized and processed in mass volume. Just call ICBC nationwide hotline 95588 (HK: 2189 5588) for checking account, trading stock/fund/bond, asking question or making complaint, anytime, anywhere.

I. Service & Function
Services available under ICBC 95588 Telephone Banking: check A/C, Bill Payment, buy to invest, trade FX or gold, pay phone bill, credit card service, as below:  

1. A/C Service: check the account balance and transaction details, intra-city transfer, inter-city remittance, Report of Loss.
2. Bill Payment: all kinds of daily bills-phone bill, mobile fee, water, electricity, gas.

3. Securities Investment: buy or sell the stock, fund, bond, check account balance and trading details, Bank-Securities Accounts Transfer.

4. Trade FX: buy or sell FX 24 hours a day, check quotes, account balance and all kinds of transaction details.

5. Trade Gold: buy or sell paper gold 24 hours a day, check the price of gold, account balance and all kinds of transaction details.

6. Pay-by-phone: online B2C payment 24 hours, check order, view payment details or product profile. 

7. Credit Card: apply, replace, activate, Report of Loss, check account, buy FX using RMB to repay, adjust credit limit. 

8. Customer Desk: answers to the service details, receive the complaint or recommendation, inform locations of ICBC branches, introduce new service, and take down the verbal report of loss in urgent case.
9. Inter-city Roaming: Provide the same service as in the area of your account opening branch while you are in other cities.

II. Features and Advantages
ICBC 95588 Telephone Banking not only has a wide line up of services and powerful functions but a modern service system carried in your phone.

1. Easy to use
ICBC Telephone Banking marriages the two services of automatic voice system and customer desk together. Simply press the phone buttons and listen to the voice instructions.

2. Simply to apply
Just sign up ICBC Telephone Banking in person at any ICBC business office with your ID card, ICBC passbook or bank card.

3. Wide coverage
No geographical or time restriction to use ICBC Telephone Banking. Services are available 24 hours all-year-round, anywhere.

4. Low cost, reliable
ICBC Telephone Banking lends itself its advanced IVR technology to cover most of the banking services offered at the Counter or online. Save your time to run to the bank counter, just dial 95588.
5. One Number everywhere
The service number of ICBC Telephone Banking: China - 95588, HK 2189 5588. In case of roaming, your call will be forwarded to your local ICBC Telephone Banking. No IDD fee.  

III. Conditions to Apply and Steps
1. Application Conditions
The Individual customers holding ICBC bank card are all welcome to register as the customers of ICBC Telephone Banking. If you have ICBC passbook, you can check account, pay bill or report of loss without the registration.

2. Operating Procedure
(1) Register at ICBC Counter
Just sign up in person at ICBC business office with your ID Card and ICBC bank card, fill in ICBC E-Banking Registration Application Form (Personal Customer). All ICBC Telephone Banking services will be available.

(2) Register by Phone (self-service)
Use your ICBC bank card, dial 95588, follow the voice instruction or ask for ICBC Customer Manager to register on behalf. Customers registered through the self-service can only use the basic services – check accounts, Bill Payment and report of loss. If you need to transfer/remit monies or buy fund or bond by phone, you have to register at ICBC business office.

IV. Operating Illustrations
(I) General
1. Once registered successfully, all services are immediately available. To start, call 95588 and follow the voice instructions.

2. The Registration Card No. is the number assigned to you during signing up the service. The number is used for logon ICBC Telephone Banking. The A/C Code is the number assigned by ICBC for your account.

3. The Customer password is a number in 4-8 digits you entered during signing up the service. This is the number for you to call 95588. The account password is a number in 6 digits entered when you open your savings account (passbook or certificate of deposit) during signing up the service

4. Different Peony cards can be used to sign up more than one Telephone Banking. Cards can be registration card of your Telephone Banking are: Peony Money Link Card, Peony Credit Card, e-Age Card and Elite Club Account Card.

(II) Steps to watch
1. You can set an 8-digit Customer No. for yourself as a fast and easy option to use ICBC Telephone Banking.

2. Push the button ("P/T") on your phone at the position of "T" if you use such a phone.

3. Respond to the Telephone Banking voice in 5 seconds. Otherwise the voice will go back to the previous menu if you don't enter longer than 5 seconds for three times. 

4. Anytime you can interrupt without waiting for the voice to finish and go to the next step. Press 9 to speak to ICBC Customer Desk in all menus.

5. Press for the decimal point, to input the date, please enter 4 digits for Year, 2 digits for Month,2 digits for Day, eg: 20031028,press # when finished.

6. To check the accounts or make transfer in foreign currency, call 95588 to set your Telephone Banking in "Multi-currency" mode either yourself or through ICBC Customer Desk.
(III) Tips
1. If your phone can display the dial-In number or reset button, please pick up the phone and press any key after you finish the transaction. This is a way to stop anybody from getting any information on the phone you just used.
2. To protect your account and monies, no more services if your password entered wrongly for six times in a day. You can continue next day. 

3. If you forget the password, reset it at ICBC business office with your ID Card and the card for signing up the Telephone Banking.

4. Calls to Telephone Banking are charged at city call, the 95588 dedicated line at ICBC business office is free.

5. To cancel your Telephone Banking, please go to ICBC business office in person with your ID Card. The cancellation immediately starts effective once your formalities competed. 

Note: Information provided on this page is for your reference only.  The specific details should be subject to the business operation process as well as the announcements and stipulations at your local bank outlet.ICBC reserves the right of final interpretation. 

Please let us know if you have any question, do not hesitate to contact our professional consultants will reply to you as soon as possible, 
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