HK Society Registration-Details of registered associations in Hong Kong

1 Name of Societies
The name of HK society is much free, because the HK Government allowed the company name contains the words of" international, global, Asia, China"and so on;and you can also put" societies" at the end of "associations, societies, colleges, centers, institutes, research institutes" etc.;but you can't end up with "company" or "Co., Ltd".It is necessary for you to have an English name to be confirmed by HK Police Bureau,but not necessary for a Chinese name.

2 Registered capital
There is no requirement for a HK Society company.

3 Secretary
It requires three secretaries, at least one HK natural person.

4 Registered address
It is necessary for a society to have a HK address according to the Hong Kong Government. If needed, Tannet can provide the service for you.

5 Management
Associations are non-governmental organizations(NGO) and can't make any profit.

6 Processing Steps
Fill out an application firm→ Payment→ Sign statutory documents personally→ Forward the documents to the Hong Kong relevant government departments immediately→ Finish within 20-25 working days→ Collect the documents at the designated office within three months.

7 Service
A certificate of Associations, small round seal,signature chop,steel seal,M&A,company kit.

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