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Samoa is comprised of two relatively large islands, Upolu and Savaii (which account for approximately 96% of the total land area) and eight smaller islands. The capital Apia is located on the island of Upolu. After the outbreak of World War I, New Zealand took administrational control of Samoa from 1914 up to the day of independence in January 1962. Between 1962 and 1997 Samoa was known as the Independent State of Western Samoa (or more simply Western Samoa), but has since dropped the 'Western' from its name. Since independence, it has developed into a politically stable nation.

1. Business Name    

Samoa has very little restrictions on choosing a business name. A business name could be registered with virtually any name in any language. However, if a business name contains: Bank, Building Society, chartered, Savings, Loans, Trust, Trustees, Insurance, Imperial, Municipal, Royal, Assurance, Reinsurance, Cooperative, Council, Chamber of Commerce or other words and word combinations having the same meaning may not be used in the name of the company. Chinese names are permitted and can be included on a company's Certificate of Incorporation. The Samoa business name could be exactly the same with Hong Kong registered business name.

2. Registered Capital    

There is no minimum capital requirement and shares may have a par value or may be of no-par value or a combination of both. They may be fractional and expressed in the currencies of any country except Samoa in single or multiple currencies. This is the most attractive advantage to investors all around the world.

 3. Shareholders and Directors    

Samoa companies must have a minimum of one director, one shareholder and a secretary. Corporate directors are permitted and bearer shares are also allowed.

 4. Registered Address and Resident Agent

All companies must have a Registered Address and a Resident Agent in Samoa which must be a licenced trust company. There are requirements for Samoan companies to prepare Registers of Directors, Secretaries and Members and for these to be kept at the Registered Address. The shareholders may waive the requirements for audited accounts.

5.  Activity of Business    

There is little restriction as to the business scope of Samoa companies. You can run business in the following industries such as financial, investment, medical, import and export trading, construction, network, travel, publishing.

 6. Licences

Companies may pay their licence fees for 5, 10 or 20 years in advance and substantial discounts are offered to companies that have elected to take up this offer. In order to attract business from more expensive jurisdictions in difficult economic times, Samoa has, in August 1998, introduced a new legislation that enables the easy migration of companies in a convenient and effective manner. The government fee for re-domiciling is USD100. Samoa has also reduced the annual licence fees for these companies (no matter what the authorised capital is) and announced a special offer for re-domiciled companies at only USD100.

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