Hong Kong Bank Account Opening

Opening a bank account in Hong Kong is very straightforward, much more so than in the US, UK or Europe. To open a bank account in Hong Kong all you require is ID and proof of address. It is not necessary to be resident in Hong Kong or have a work visa in Hong Kong and it’s perfectly possible for a tourist to open a bank account in the city.
Local Bank Accounts & Offshore Bank Account    
Local account means HONG KONG enterprise open the account in HONG KONG local bank while the offshore account means open account outside HK such as SHENZHEN, BEIJING and USA. Any companies can open bank accounts with a local bank or an offshore bank for their different purposes. If a Hong Kong Company opens a bank account with a local bank, it is called a local bank account. If a Hong Kong Company opens a bank account with a Shenzhen bank, it is called an offshore bank account.
The documents required
For those with an address in Hong Kong you need to provide proof of address, such as a utility bill or official government communication. Non residents need to also provide one of these documents from their home country address. The bank will then post a letter to that address which you must finish at the bank to open the account. Accepted forms of ID are passport or Hong Kong Identity Card.
Vini’s Assistance in Bank Account Opening  
Vini will provide all the possible assistance in any type of bank account opening requirements and all the follow-up activities.    
The assistance package in bank account opening includes bank recommendation, making an arrangement and an appointment with the bank, working a referee, providing the certified true copies prepared and signed by CPA, preparing the documents required, providing a guide to follow-up the processing, providing the contact address. 

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