Singapore Company registration

Located in the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia, one of the Four Asian Tigers, one of the busiest financial and trading centers in the world. Its port cargo throughput volume is one of the highest in the world, similar to Hong Kong.
 Singapore is famous for its strict legal system, actually their government take a very careful monitor over their administration
 Singapore legal system is base on the UK common law 
 Singapore company profit tax is around 20%
 Singapore had signed International agreement to prevent double taxation and protect investment
 Singapore has good and effective system for oversea investment, all profit made outside Singapore will not be taxed 
 Advantage and aim of formation  
 Registration capital need not paid up and can setup bank account anywhere in the world
 No any tax for offshore Singapore company
 No foreign exchange control make it easier to raising fund
 Corporate is allowed for property trading
 Stable political, economic and trading environment 
 Company beneficiary interest is protected by the government, as their information is not disclosed to public
 Company Director and Shareholder interest is protected by the government, as their information is not disclosed to public
 Register a company in Singapore helps to get business or working visa easier
 No regulation over company name
 Singapore has good business environment 
Company Requirements  
 Company name:
Company name should be in English, and should be ended with “LIMITED, CORPORATION or INCORPORATED” or their short form, such as LTD, CROP. Company name should not include “Trust Company”, “Bank” or similar wording unless approved by their government. 
 Standard Share Capital:
Standard registration share capital is S$ 500,000. 
At least one, corporate director is not allowed, and at least one director should be Singapore citizen, resident or employment visa owner 
At least one, no nationality limitation, individual or corporate is also allowed. We suggest using a holding company to manage the ownership of the Singapore Company. 
 Company Secretary:
Necessary and they should be local resident, normally provided by us and included in service fee. Listing company should employ one qualified local secretary, but the secretary cannot be director of the company. We also provide annual auditing service, and local auditor should do audit. 
 Registration agency/Registered address:
Necessary. Require one local authorized registration agency. We will provide Registered address and its fee is already included in the registration fee and annual fee. Registered address should be actual operation address, not just a mailing box. 
 Required documents:
1) Company name
2) Directors and shareholders information (address prove, nationality, passport or ID card copy)
3) Share allocation list (if more than one shareholder), share capital need not paid up
4) Professional sponsor letter 
Registration process  
Stage One:  Name search (Company name should be drafted by you or enquiry for shelf companies’ name)
Stage Two: Provide basic information about directors and shareholders (including address, nationality and passport or ID card copy); Confirm company structure, share allocation and fill in the related application form
Stage Three: Signing appointment agreement and related government documents and pay the first payment
Stage Four: We will inform you once the registration completed, and please sign for collecting company kits and settle the last payment
Stage Five: After-sale management service enquiry (if necessary) 
 Our service  
We have many shelf companies ready for sales. We can also registration name company with you chosen name; we also provide name search service. Company document will be well prepared in folder.
Our company kit includes:
1 Certificate of Incorporation
2 Company Memorandum and Articles
3 Director Appointment Documents
4 Director and Shareholder list
5 Provide public telephone and fax
6 Company Chop 1 Set
7 Metal Chop 1 Set
8 Share book
9 hare transaction Contract (Shelf Company Only)
10 Folder Box (filing all the above documents) 

Please let us know if you have any question, do not hesitate to contact our professional consultants will reply to you as soon as possible, 
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