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Tax Assistant includes modules for producing Company Tax Returns. There are two versions available, a Basic version and a Full version.

Basic version
The main Tax Assistant package includes a licence to use basic versions of the Company Tax Return programs, which produce the CT600 form and automatically calculate corporation tax liability, marginal relief and tax due on non-corporate distributions, based on the entries made on the on-screen CT600 form.

Full version
The optional licence for the full versions of the Company Tax Return programs includes access to the facilities in the basic version and, in addition, enables you to produce the Supplementary Pages for the CT600 and a variety of schedules that are used to report background information relating to the entries on the CT600 and supplements.

Supplementary Pages are included for Loans to participators by close companies (CT600A), Controlled foreign companies (CT600B), Group and consortium (CT600C), Insurance (CT600D), Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CT600E), Tonnage tax (CT600F), Corporate Venturing Scheme (CT600G), Cross-border Royalties (CT600H), Supplementary charge in respect of ring fence trades (CT600I), and Disclosure of tax avoidance schemes (CT600J).

Comprehensive facilities are included for creating supporting schedules for items such as trading computations, capital allowances, loan relationships, taxed income, overseas income, property income, enhanced R&D expenditure and capital gains. There is also a facility to include a section of additional information in "free text" form to accompany the schedules.

Filing By Internet (FBI) is supported through an optional data communications module called FBI Courier which transmits tax return data to HM Revenue & Customs and receives responses from HM Revenue & Customs using the Internet, thus providing a fully integrated FBI solution. The Company Tax Return and FBI Courier programs can be set up to provide a fully automatic, seamless interface with the HMRC Self Assessment computer system.

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